Agency Work

Some work I've done as Director of Design at id29 since 2003.


I was thrilled to be asked by the Office of New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to help them redefine their visual brand and develop a series of stylized and branded posters for a number of parks across the Empire State. I grew up going to many of these parks, so I gratefully accepted the challenge and reached out to a talented local illustrator and Ithaca-based type designer to assist me in making something special. Below is some of the work for the first eleven parks, more to follow!

I designed a vibrant mark for NYS Parks to replace their difficult-to-use and dated previous lock-up. The objective was to create a new visual look crafted from known elements that could have been in use since the organization was founded in 1924. The new mark needed to be visually strong enough on its own for various merchandising opportunities.

I was honored to work with friend and local illustrator Ben Karis on this project. Ben's style of digital illustation is vibrant, colorful and very modern, and I think his work here is amazing. Check out more at:

I wanted to create a distinctive attitude for all the elements in this project, and knew original typography would play a major role in that effort. I worked with type designer Tyler Finck, from Etcetera Type Co. in Ithaca, NY, to craft a new variable face for NYS Parks. The new letterforms feature soft and approachable serifs and evoke a feeling of nostalgia, as many state parks do for those who visit. 

New York State Parks merchandise design 


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The final installment of the Harry Potter series—one of the most highly anticipated books of all time—was fueled by id29. It’s a good story, please bear with me for the abridged version:

Scholastic’s creative director calls and asks if we can be in NYC the following day. Speaking in an unusually hushed tone, he reveals that he has a big project that we might be interested in. He mentions a 7th book, something about a boy wizard with glasses, the importance of absolute secrecy and rather large expectations.

We show up Scholastic’s HQ the next day at 11am. Top management is there, as is their rather serious legal counsel. They explain that they need some extra special secret sauce to fuel the integrated campaign for the final Harry Potter book, and ask if we would like to be part of a paid project to provide creative and non-traditional media strategy. They also reveal that we’re up against four of the world’s largest, most capable agencies. Oh, and we have 1.5 weeks to impress them.

A week and a half later, we show up at Scholastic once again. We walk them through our work, our strategy and our vision. We leave knowing that our work is up against agencies with virtually unlimited resources and fame compared to ours. Less than 24 hours later, we get the call. We got the job. For the next seven months, we executed our creative and nearly every element of the marketing plan. Big project. Small agency. Great fit. The results? 8.3M books sold in the first 24 hours.

I worked closely with id29 Senior Designer, Bryan Kahrs, on this project, as he set the initial visual aesthetic that was chosen by Scholastic.

It’s a good day when your custom designed glyph makes the NASDAQ Jumbotron in Times Square.

This project was featured in David Airey's book, Logo Design Love.


Cobra Golf asked id29 to help them reposition and relaunch their brand in 2011. The golf category is stagnant at best and Cobra’s market share had declined considerably. Consumer participation and purchases have slowed. In most countries, the pie wasn't getting any larger, so market share gains had to be taken from competitors.

We executed all of their brand and marketing communications — from the most trivial product sticker, to international, integrated campaigns for all of their products. We’re happy to say that our three-year partnership with Cobra coincided with solid growth and a solid reemergence of a legendary brand.


Cobra PUMA Golf Brand Book: and internal-facing document for aligning employees with the tone of the new brand.



We letterpressed these oversized covers with silver metallic ink on bright, colorful cover stock and saddle-stitched the slightly-smaller pages inside. I designed these books and a lot—but not all—of the work inside. 


Acoustically, it’s considered one of the most perfect venues in the world. Architecturally, it’s a stunning, Grimshaw-designed, amalgam of glass, wood, steel and technology, perfectly perched on a riverside slope. It’s EMPAC (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center) in Troy, NY. id29 was jazzed to be a part of such an ambitious, world-class venue, we helped them establish a design-driven presence and introduce themselves to the world.


This is id29's story of Scary Monsters: Wicked foes, shitty vendors, born losers, obstacles, pain and suffering, massive market downturns, ill-advised workplace sex, fear, backstabbing bitches, rodents, arbitrary budget cuts, power-hungry yes-men, inept co-workers, promises unkept,ugly competitors, and overripe, overpaid execs who reek of sardines, sulphur and lies—anyone and anything that keeps you from doing your job and doing it well. Ultimately, however, it is an epic tale of battles fought and won.

This is a story of id29, a small yet mighty design, brand, creative and marketing communications studio in Troy, NY. It is a story of their clients and the powerful weaponry id29 will provide to you in your endeavor to Slay Scary Monsters. (micro-site)


SI Group brought id29 on board because they wanted to work with a company that could help them locally, but had the chops to handle their global needs. Over the course of a few months we engaged in a deep dive on brand strategy. We helped them answer some all-too-difficult questions: Who are you? What are your core values? What services do you provide and to whom? How should SI Group be positioned in the market? What should the SI Group brand convey? In 2015, we created the new SI Group brand and helped them launch what will be very valuable assets for years to come

  • Previous logo

  • New logo

    A new custom-designed wordmark

    • SIG Corp Brochure Cover
    • SIG Corp Brochure Interior 3
    • SIG Corp Brochure Interior 1
    • SIG Corp Brochure Interior 4
    • SIG Corp Brochure Interior 2


    SI Group Brand Book: and internal-facing document for aligning employees with the tone of the new brand.


    As the only organization of its kind in New York State, TANY is both unique and essential to the trucking industry. Knowing that their brand design, website and marketing communications needed a serious upgrade, they hired id29. As we always do, we started with brand strategy; making sure that we intelligently established key guideposts prior to beginning any creative and design work. We provided TANY with a unique brand identity and design system that they could wield with confidence across all touchpoints.

      After designing a new TANY brand identity and standards, I created a cleaner, more engaging, user-friendly website that they could easily update and was optimized for mobile.

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      Slay the Scary Monsters collages by Michael Oatman. Invitation, CPG/Rickie Fowler and SI Group photos by Mark McCarty. Cobra Amp video by Aurora Studios. Harry Potter video shorts by Bryan Kahrs/id29.

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